The Toner That Launched A Thousand Ship(ment)s

A toner with a 2000 person wait list? My curiousity was piqued. I’ve used my fair share of toners – hydrating, exfoliating, anti-aging, and while they all did their job, there was none that I found particularly special enough to repurchase.

This is not a new addition to Lily Vanity, and in fact it’s been one of our best selling products for quite some time now. I’ve always been interested to try it so when I was offered one, I pounced on it like a cheetah on its prey. The Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Toner was mine to try!

That night when I went home, I immediately put it to the test. My first impressions of this: gentle, lightweight, and my face felt clean but not tight. And even as an exfoliating toner, it was mild enough so that there was no tingly biting sensation like some acidic toners have.  But over time… that’s when I started to see the results.

I think the easiest way to describe my experience was when one evening when I was patting on layer after layer of my skincare routine and I stared in the mirror for a second and thought to myself – “This is the best my skin has ever looked”. My large pores were smaller than usual, the milia seeds have noticeably lessened, and my complexion was looking plump and dare I say… glowing? Of course, my skincare routine is understandably extensive, and I spend close to an hour daily just massaging various lotions and potions into it. It is not one product, but several, that make a difference. But the new addition of the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Toner was just what it needed to tip the scales from healthy to glowingly healthy.


What I love about this toner is how well it picks up any excess oil and grime, even AFTER I’ve double cleansed already. This gives me a perfect base for my next couple of steps by allowing it to absorb the goodness even better into the skin, and allow them to work their magic. Leftover dirt can also cause acne and pimples, and anything that can lessen the chances of that is a bonus in my books.

And like I mentioned earlier, this Acwell Toner is chock full of goodies. The one that jumped out to me the most is the 10% licorice water because it is known to be able to brighten dull skin and even out the complexion. Into is also anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial, helping to fight against acne causing bacteria and skin damaging free radicals. It also contains a blend of peony, green tea and kudzu root extract which mildly exfoliate and hydrate the skin. It does have a slight herbal scent but it is a very mild one that does not linger.

All in all, this toner is definitely sneaking its way up to my holy grail status with its skin loving ingredients, and I am obsessed with how it is so gentle on my skin yet able to bring out the best of it after only a few weeks of using it. At $19.99, it is also affordable enough for me to not have to scrimp and save on. I love using it as a toner but also as a quick hydrating mask, by soaking a few cotton pads with it and letting it seep into my skin for a few minutes. This toner is definitely one that I reach for daily, and one I cannot stop recommending!

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