Brand Spotlight : Dr. Althea - Bring out your glow!

Founded in 2014, Dr Althea originated as a modern skincare brand from Seoul, South Korea marrying the concepts of professionalism and effectiveness into all its products.

With an initial smaller cult following at its first store at downtown Hongdae, it has since expanded globally with stores in Selfridges, Woojooh, Hebe and even Sephora.  Its rising popularity is also evident with revenues growing to over 50 billion, cementing its place as one of the global powerhouse brands in Korean skincare.

 Having received multiple requests from our customers to bring in Dr Althea to their home countries, we finally signed an agreement to distribute their products globally in Oct 2019. The long laundry list of reasons to add it to our exclusive brand list include:

  • Received “Most Reliable Consumer Brand in Korea” award in 2015
  • Received prestigious domestic award “Best Korean Brand in 2016
  • Establishment of Research Institute including extensive dermatological testing and control
  • Numerous customer reviews describing powerful yet sensitive skin-friendly effects
  • Simple and fun photogenic packaging

As we progress towards curating more brands with all-natural ingredients, Dr Althea was an intuitive fit for our customers. We tried their deep moisturizing creams and masks - and absolutely loved them! Their textures were soft and gentle, leaving our skin feeling moisturized hours after application. And with winter beckoning in many of our countries situated in the Northern hemisphere, these moisturizers would definitely be extremely beneficial for drier skin types. We can’t wait for all of you to try them and hope that you’ll love its simple efficacy. We certainly do!