Make Every Day a Spa Day!

We all know about the many steps and products we use for our facial skin, but most of us tend to overlook the rest of our body. If you think about it, our skin is actually the biggest organ in the body! Anything we apply to our skin also gets absorbed into our body, so shouldn't we be treating it with absolute care?

Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower

The majority of us tend to only consider the soap or maybe body moisturiser, but what about the actual water we shower with? Studies have shown that due to the water purification process, residual chlorine will end up in the water. This can cause skin irritation or even hair loss. The Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower filters this out by neutralising and eliminating chlorine as the water passes through.

This might sound like a hassle but it's actually just as easy as attaching an extension to your normal shower head! Not more than a minute and you can have chlorine free water in your bathroom

Additionally, this filter gently scents your water for an aromatherapy effect in the shower. It also adds milk into the water, which softens and brightens the skin over time. It comes in 4 scents - lavender, lime, grapefruit and baby powder. Caring for your body just got a whole lot easier!

Lurous Bath Bombs

Another way to make your bath time so much more enjoyable? Try a bath bomb!

Watch the colours swirl and feel your troubles melt away. Infused with ingredients like rosehip seed oil, bentonite clay, cocoa butter and argan oil, these bath bombs will soothe and soften your skin.

These come in a variety of colours and scents, for any mood!

Pyunkang Yul Butter Cream

Seal in all the goodness with the body butter which boasts clean and natural ingredients! Created by the Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea which is known for treating skin issues for years, each and every ingredient is carefully selected which creates a non-irritable, gentle and effective cream.

With a soft, buttery texture which melts right into the skin, we're certain this will be the cream you reach for every night!