Everything You Need to Know About the Korean 7-Skin Method

If you’re a fan of Korean skincare, or even just into beauty products, this technique might come as no surprise to you. It was first popularized in Korea back in 2016, and slowly spread all over the world sometime last year. But if this is still new to you, or if you’ve been under a rock these past 2 years, read on!

So what IS the 7-skin method?

The 7-skin method is literally that – 7 layers of skin! Skin is actually what the Koreans call their toner, so instead of just one layer of toner after cleansing and before your serum, you apply and pat in SEVEN layers of toner.

How does it work?

Basically, the application of toner allows the absorption of one toner or essence, prepping it for the following layers of serum and moisturiser. The 7-skin method instead allows your skin to fully drink up the goodness much more than usual, one layer at a time. Think of how when you go for a facial, and they gently massage hydrating formulas into the skin for extended periods of time – it’s a similar result of bouncy, soft skin!

The beauty of these Korean toners is also that on top of being very hydrating, they are also extremely lightweight. Thus, the 7-skin method is such a great way of increasing the skin’s moisture level minus the greasy or heavy feeling that some creams and oils have. This makes the technique perfect for all skin types, and in any climate.

Can I use any toner?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Our western versions of toners are more astringent and contain a high content of alcohol, which make them unsuitable for this method. Hydroxy acid toners are also far too exfoliating and multiple layers might harm the skin. These will have the opposite effect, irritating and even drying out the skin.

The best ones to use are hydrating, alcohol free and fragrance free toners or essences, to ensure your skin is getting all of the benefits and none of the unnecessary ingredients.

How do I apply the toner?

The most common application is to swipe it on with the toner on a cotton pad, removing any excess dirt and grime, before patting it in with your hands for the next few layers. I personally like warming it up in my hands because it helps the product absorb faster!

We recommend not using more than a dime size per layer; to not only help you save on the amount you use, but also because too much might slow down the process of absorbing the toner.

Do I have to do all 7 layers?

Not at all! Skincare is all about seeing what suits you rather than rigidly following a regimen. If one is enough for you, stick to it. Some people benefit more from 3-4 layers, but I’ve also seen some who do up to 15 layers. Ultimately, it’s all about what your skin is feeling on any particular day.

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