Who doesn’t love a good sale? Like many of you, we’re already starting to ‘Add to Cart’ in advance of the most anticipated sale event of the year - Black Friday! Every single year, we careen through a whole series of emotions ranging from the burning anticipation of wonderful deals, to regret when buying discounted items we don’t need, to utter dismay when items are sold out while we deliberate. 

And while we’re taking the time to take it all in, Cyber Monday shows up in a flurry and we get a second chance at life again. What a weekend!

For us here at, we view Black Friday not only as a day of Mega Sales but more importantly an opportunity for customers to try other new products potentially better suited for their skin. This is because every product has a whole range of ingredients - some of which might be better or worse off for our skin to varying degrees. 

As staff members of the firm, we are well-positioned (with our staff discounts) to trial a whole range of skincare products on ourselves on an almost daily basis. This trial & error process has brought countless untold benefits on our skin, as we have added opportunity to seek out the ‘Holy Grail’ perfect for our needs. And we absolutely want the same thing for you!

This is where LilyVanity’s Mega Black Friday Sale comes in. During the promotion period, we offer many of our products almost at cost! This gives our customers ample excuse to try new K-beauty items or an added step to their beauty routines that might just transform their skin. Our beauty consultants are always on standby in our LilyVanity Telegram Communities (←Lyne insert the hyperlink) to recommend anything you need - based on your skin profile. So do book an appointment with them to get a consultation before Black Friday ASAP!

This year, we are running a 4-DAY Mega Black Friday Sale. Yes, you read it right — From November 29 to December 02, everyone can enjoy huge storewide discounts, amazing deals and giveaways. It is our way of saying “Thank You” to our existing customers and “Welcome” to the new ones who are only starting to venture into K-Beauty.

So don’t miss our Mega Black Friday Sale from Nov 29 - Dec 02. Grab the chance to get that skincare solution you have been looking for!

LilyVanity Team

Unfortunately, we also need to prepare customers for the global delay in shipments for Black Friday. While we’ve already invested in premium shipping lanes to reduce shipping times, our carriers are not promising anything and chances of a slightly slower delivery is real. Please bearwith us as we work through every individual order and make sure they reach their destinations on time! Thank you for your patience (: