JOIN US : We are Building a LilyVanity Community

After continuous feedback from customers to set up an avenue to discuss all things skincare related, we have finally decided to set up our own LilyVanity Telegram Community!

This community would provide:

  1. First hand reviews from fellow customers
  2. Sharing of personal struggles with skin issues
  3. Tips and tricks to maintaining great skin
  4. Consultations from our LilyVanity Beauty Experts

We want to give all our customers and group members a platform where they can ask or start a discussion on any skincare/beauty topic. Women across all ages can now come together to share their opinions, give feedback on products and celebrate diversity of skin types and colors - from all around the world!

You are encouraged to:

  • Post questions
  • Share photos
  • Share product reviews (of non-LilyVanity related products as well!)
  • Offer suggestions and ideas
  • Lead group buys for your community

Get real time responses from other members or if you’re really shy - arrange a personal consultation with our Beauty Experts! We’d also be happy to share on the latest products in the market, the next big trend in the Beauty industry as well as share exclusive group discounts every now and then!

So what are you waiting for? Join our growing community today and be part of a loving community that always looks to give more than it takes! 

Thank you!