Yuja: Why is this active ingredient trending in K-Beauty?
Introducing Yuja and its benefits

One might begin to wonder - what are all these new ingredients being put on your favorite skincare brands. No need to fret! LilyVanity is here to talk about those ingredients in this edition of ‘What’s that ingredient?’

Today we’ll be talking about Yuja and why its trending all around in the world in skincare.

Prior to skincare, Yuja was known for its characteristically strong aroma, and the oil from its skin is marketed as a fragrance. Though rarely eaten in the culinary world, it’s a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine, where the aromatic zest (outer rind) as well as juice are used much in the same way that lemons are used in other cuisines.

The yuzu's flavour is tart and fragrant, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of mandarin orange.

The Yuja (Citron) that is being used on the skin care product was extracted from Goheung. It contains an abundance of vitamin C that gives your skin a vibrant and youthful complexion.  It is 3 times more enriched than lemon, it helps the skin to glow from within, creating a double glowing effect. It’s scent not only allows skin to relive stress but also provides you with an aromatic relaxing experience while sleeping. Its peel oil is a precious natural essential oil.

Its effects do not end there, Yuja Citron could moisturize and whiten your skin and hydrate your skin. Its light texture and quick-absorbing formula make it an easy way to sleep as it does not stain your pillow. The relaxing aroma scent that it was known for helps you relax from deep inside your body which is perfect for anyone who wants to have a relaxing time after doing work or activities.

As curators of the best and brightest in skincare, LilyVanity is launching a Yuja-based Sleeping Mask that we know you’re bound to love! So keep your eyes peeled and inboxes open as we might drop special discount codes during the week. Stay tuned for more!