Back to Basic Hydration Kit

$ 103.99 $ 79.99 -23%
  • Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity
Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity Back to Basic Hydration Kit - LilyVanity

Back to Basic Hydration Kit

$ 103.99 $ 79.99 -23%


Korean Beauty doesn't have to be complicated. Give the gift of hydration this holiday season with our Back to Basics Hydration Kit limited edition set for the intensely moisturized skin. This carefully curated set for all skin types helps restore and strengthen the skin barrier for a healthier, glowing complexion. Complete with our bestselling skincare routine with the combination of Innisfree, Etude,  Klairs, Mizon and 5 Mystery Package of Masks.

This set is all you need for comfort, luxurious hydration, and a radiant, holiday-ready glow. Get it now and experience a new level of hydration for an amazing price!


Etude Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff is an effective tool for gentle, soap-free cleansing and mild exfoliate that helps to soften, brighten and even out the skin tone.

Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser is a rich foam washes off makeup residue and dirt from inside pores, refreshing and hydrating cleansing foam with Jeju green tea extract whisks away dirt and make-up leaving skin feeling clean, soft and supple.

Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner formulated with Damascena Rose flower extract, this toner nourishes the skin to improve elasticity, vitality, and radiance.

CosRX's Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence is a powerful humectant - which is a moisture binding ingredient that will keep skin plump, hydrated, more elastic, and youthful! 

Face Masks have the power to do exactly that by instantly improving your complexion. Designed to refine pores, draw out impurities, increase hydration and even out skin tone all at once. 

Mizon Water Volume EX Cream is the super moisturizing face cream  Mizon Water Volume EX Cream with an extract of snowy algae and the innovative moisturizing complex "Hydra Tox". And a tool that perfectly moisturizes the skin, while not overloading it and not causing the appearance of an oily sheen.


Etude Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff contains natural Konjac Jelly that helps exfoliate and cleanse the skin. 

Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser moisturizes and brightens skin that has become dehydrated from cleansing. 

Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner reviving skin's natural softness and vitality.

CosRX's Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence is a highly concentrated essence effective in supplying hydration and moisture to your skin while also restoring your skin's natural moisture barrier. 

Face Masks can drench your skin in deep hydration, helps clear out toxins,  treats and prevent acne, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles and add a healthy glow in the skin.

Mizon Water Volume EX Cream is instant hydration that helps to quickly eliminate the lack of hydration of the skin, normalizes the hydro balance, relieves dryness and peeling, restores the smoothness, elasticity, and elasticity of the epidermis.




Here, we break down a list for you, helping you to understand the steps so you can try them and see if it fits your needs. It’s all about achieving healthy radiance from within, and while it may take a little longer, the results are worth it in the long run.

STEP 1: Use Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff with Green Tea Foam Cleanser

  • Wet in water before use. 
  • Take foam cleanser onto the puff, massage the face gently and wash off with lukewarm water. 



  • Apply after your Oil-based cleanser to remove any impurities that can cause breakouts.
  • Dispose of the konjac sponge after 2 months of use, for hygienic purposes.


      STEP 2: Supple Preparation Toner
      • Apply an appropriate amount to a cotton pad.
      • Gently pat on the face and neck until fully absorbed.
      • Use after cleansing in the morning and at night for better results.

      STEP 3: Hyaluronic Acid Power Essence

      • After cleansing and toning, apply an adequate amount of essence after facial wash.
      • Gently dab with fingers for better absorption.
        • Use two pumps for consistency.

        STEP 4:  Mystery Package of 5 Face Masks

        • Place on the face.
        • Remove after 10-20 minutes and gently pat for better absorption.
        • Immediately use it after open not to be dried and do not use twice.


        STEP 5: Water Volume EX Cream

        • Release about a pearl-sized amount every morning and evening and apply over the face and neck as your regular cream.



          Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff

          Green Tea Foam Cleanser

          Rose Floral Softening Toner

          Hyaluronic Acid Power Essence

          Water Volume EX Cream

          Mystery Package of 5 Face Masks



          1x Etude House Konjac Face Cleansing Puff

          1x Innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser

          1x Secret Key Rose Floral Softening Toner

          1x CosRX Hyaluronic Acid Power Essence

          1x Mizon Water Volume EX Cream

          5x Mystery Package Face Masks


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