This month’s box is all about hydration, in all the different ways! Toning, essence, cleansing, masking, we’re all about boosting your moisture levels and plumping it up, leaving dewy and fresh skin.


Our VELVET BOX is the perfect beauty surprise -- for friends, loved ones, even yourself! You'll get a beautifully wrapped box containing deluxe-sized beauty products that will adore you in promoting skin suppleness and works to restore what time and the elements take away.



Choose which among the plans are best suitable for your beauty needs!


After deciding on which plan to get, subscribe and wait for the arrival of your package.


You don't have to worry about restocking, It'll be like Christmas every month!


The Standard Box

Perfect for those starting out in skincare, or for students on a budget who still want to try new Korean skincare products. You get 2-3 full sized items, as well as a handful of deluxe samples and sheet masks to refresh your skin.

The Premium Box

Recommend for skincare aficionados. At $39.99, you get 4-5 full sized products for you to try and add to your skincare routine. It's a great way to discover new brands without having to pay top dollar, and to try some of the top holy grail products!

The Diamond Box

The Diamond Box is best for those with more mature skin types. We curated this set with products made with only the best ingredients, made to boost nourishment for the skin and for you to get the best skin you've ever had.
3W Clinic
Vitamin C Foam Cleansing

Gives the skin a mild feeling that does not pull out after vitality and cleansing

Secret Key

Rose Toner

It helps to revive skin's natural softness and vitality
Jeju Orchid Enriched Essence
Nourishes, enhances the skin to correct visible wrinkles and clears the skin tone
Pure Source Pocket Pack
Provides an intensive benefit on the skin and makes skin smooth and firm

My Real Squeeze Mask
Cleanses and gives deep moisturization to dry skin.
Water Sleeping Mask
Has anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties and can help balance skin tones
Collagen Eye Zone Mask
Has Trehalose, which prevents evaporation to keep the skin well hydrated


What is Velvet Box?

Velvet Box is a subscription box created by Lily Vanity, to send you 4-6 deluxe and full-sized Korean beauty products to sample and discover your new favourite k-beauty products!

Why LilyVanity?

LilyVanity is a trusted online seller, and we only carry 100% authentic Korean beauty products. We source for only the best products and are always on the look out for new trends. We offer international shipping, so everyone all around the world can get their hands on their favourite items!

What kind of products can I expect in my box?

We love to add new brands and products in each box for you to try! These Includes:
1. Skincare
2. Bath and Body
3. Haircare
4. Beauty Tools
5. Fragrances

What are some examples of brands I can expect in my Velvet Box?

We carry a whole variety of K-beauty brands not limited to:
1. Laneige
2. Innisfree
3. Secret Key
4. CosRX
5. Yeowoo
6. Klairs
7. Mizon
8. SomeByMi
9. EyeNLip

And a whole lot more!
Where can I repurchase these items?
1. All the items found in your beauty box can be purchased on
2. You can purchase them and use a special Velvet Box discount code where we will ship your additional items alongside your Velvet Box.
How long will my Velvet Box take to reach me?
Our monthly Velvet Boxes are sent out by the 18th of each month, and you can expect it within 5-12 working days.
Can I buy just one box and not a subscription of it?
We are currently working on making the boxes available as a one-time purchase, but for now they are only available as a subscription service.
Can I cancel my subscription?
We will be sad to see you go but if you are unsatisfied with our boxes, you can cancel you subscription from the 3rd month onwards.