LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L7

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  • LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L7
LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L7 LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L7 LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L6 - LilyVanity LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L6 - LilyVanity

LABELLE™ Sonic & Ionto L7

$ 149.99 $ 99.99 -33%


Labelle is a powerful, yet gentle cleansing device that removes impurities (whiteheads, blackheads and makeup residue) clogged in pores and exfoliates dead skin with high-frequency ultrasonic vibration. It is the first skincare device to use frequency vibration to deliver flawless and clear skin.


  • A Korean facial machine and ionto which helps your toners and other facial products absorb properly in the skin thus faster result is seen.
  • Uses high-frequency vibration for peeling.
  • This avant-garde peeling machine also serves as an ionizer to promote the absorption of essences and toners.
  • It has iontophoresis current and red led light to improve the generation of new skin cells.
  • Labelle Sonic Peel has a frequency of 33000hz.
  • 630 nanometer LED therapy.
  • Automatic switches off after 5 minutes of use.


  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • It helps to reduce sebum and improve overall skin texture.
  • Portable to use and rechargeable with a USB cable.
  • Removes makeup with warm water and use the blade to move on the skin.
  • Through ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, it can let your facial cells vibrate and promote blood circulation and metabolism of your skin.
  • Cleans up the dirt and aging in the deep skin and gradually lighten the dark spots on your skin.



For Peeling:

  • After removing makeup and cleansing face, wipe face with a cotton pad soaked with warm water or toner. For better results, spread a steam towel on the face for a few minutes.
  • Begin the peeling mode by pressing the power button once.
  • Glide tip of the blade across the skin in the opposite direction of your skin texture for better exfoliation.

For Iontophoresis:

  • After cleansing face, apply an even layer of nourishing skincare product (lotion, serum, essence etc.) on the face.
  • Begin the iontophoresis mode by pressing the power button twice.
  • Press blade against the skin and gently massage all over the face to deliver active ingredients from products to the skin.

Body: 36.2 x 16.5 x 168(mm)
USB Cable 70cm
Body: Li-Poly (3.7 V 450mA) Battery
Charger: DC 5V/ USB-micro 5 PIN
Body: 91g approx.
Total: 180g approx.
Blade: Stainless Steel
Body: PC
At charging: 10 VA MAX
Normal: 6VA MAX
Blade frequency: 33kHz approx.
Using time
Peeling: 5 min approx.
Sonophoresis: 5 min approx.


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